Our Story

Elevation Zimbabwe was founded by Tendai Carlton Saunyama and Rachel Takavarasha Saunyama in 2012. Youth interventions are prescribed with minimal consideration of the recipient’s aftermath. Elevation Zimbabwe was founded with the hope of bridging the daily experiences of an individual. To create an environment where young people can share, where the individual will be able to help themselves, where they will help each other, where experience will be a motivator and no one will judge the other for mistakes but offer a hand to ensure they move on. Elevation Zimbabwe seeks to offer a non-academic dynamic, unique and constantly evolving training programme; mainstreaming life skills and leadership activities to young people in Manicaland and beyond. These skills will formulate a supportive frame to the individual’s academic ability, with a fun and fellowship spirit.

Our Structure

What we do

Elevation Zimbabwe runs a Youth Life skills and Leadership Programme (YLLP) to young people aged between 7 – 24 years and works through partners such as other youth organisations, schools, churches and individuals in Mutare Mutasa districts, Manicaland Province.

Our operational pillars are Training and Education, Sports and Recreation and Advocacy Research and Consultancy. All catered for through Skills4boys, Skills4Girls, Skills4Life, training buddies (Shaper project).

Our Support


Our Hope

To award young people an opportunity to explore their inner potential, through non formal engagement. Whilst working with those that serve young people to deliver appropriate and relevant content to the individual.

Our Belief


Elevation Zimbabwe facilitates a Youth Life Skills & Leadership Programme (YLLP) which takes into consideration the day to day developmental (social & emotional) gaps in young people.


Elevation Zimbabwe seeks to offer a dynamic, unique and constantly evolving training program; mainstreaming life skills and leadership courses to young people.


Elevation Zimbabwe takes the individual through experiential/practical application of skills and methods of influencing growth in a positive manner.


Our touch uses familiar techniques to help convey the fun and fellowship of a team, and demonstrate the knowledge an individual needs to fulfil their roles successfully.


The individual comes out aware of their capabilities thus, assisting them in dealing with the daily situations/challenges.

Our Delivery